Friday, June 30, 2006

Prep Started a Long Time Ago

Waaaaay back in 2005 or maybe earlier, I started thinking about WRTC 2006. It didn't take much to get that thinking started, since my good friends, Krassy K1LZ and Oms PY5EG, were already working hard on the Brasilian version of WRTC.

How to take part in WRTC? Well, traditionally there are several different roles you can have at WRTC: Competitor [a selected team member in the two-man team competition, Referee [an official who makes sure the rules are followed by the Competitors] or Spectator [a visitor who attends to observe and enjoy the event]. It didn't take long for me to figure out that what I really wanted was a participating role, as opposed to a role as an onlooker. But . . . I was not going to qualify for the two-man team competition with my contesting resume. So, that left the option of applying for a referee spot. But, the Brasilians must have been thinking about contesters like me . . . they came up with a new idea for 2006. They created a new operating category - the Multi-National, Multi-Single category. This category was designed to give more opportunities for qualified ops to take part in the contest from Brasil, and with my experience and achievements as a Multi-Single Team Leader, it was perfect for me. So, I applied.

Good news was received some months later when I was notified that I'd been placed on a MS MN team. Our station host is Waldir PY2WC and my international partner is Gena UA9MA. We will also have the assistance of Javier, Waldir's assistant, and several other PY ops.

For the past month or so, we've been doing some planning for the operation. We started out with our travel schedules, and eventually worked our way into discussions about the station setup and our plans for operating.

To augment the station, I am going to bring along a Yaesu FT1000MP for Waldir's station. He also has a 756Pro and lots of other gear. The station has two ttowers with monobanders in place.

My wife Sue and I will be departing Boston for Brasil on Sunday July 2, 2006. We will head immediately to the center of all WRTC activities - Florianopolis - a coastal island city in the Brasilian state of Santa Caterina. We will enjoy the hospitality of the Brasilian hams who have put together this fantastic event through Friday July 7, 2006 when we will fly out to PY2WC in Sao Paulo for the contest itself. When the contest is over on Sunday, we will watch the World Cup Final Match - likely to include Brasil as one of the competitors - and head back to Florianopolis for announcement of the WRTC winners and the closing ceremonies.

Sue and I have extended our trip to include an excursion to the Pantanal - one of the largest swampy wildlife refuges in the world. This area includes a large portion of the Brasilian state of Mato Grosso. We will be staying at an 'eco-lodge' in the region and taking part in a variety of activities that allow observation and interaction with the wildlife of the Pantanal. I am bringing photo gear, and plan to come home with lots of photos.

So, today's Friday and we're in the process of closing out the last of our work commitments before we can get focused on packing and preparing for the trip.

See you from Florianopolis!


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